Borderline Personality Disorder features 5 or more of 9 symptoms. These 9 symptoms are remembered by the word PRAISE

To reduce its damaging impact, this disorder must be recognized early. Sufferers, often women, are relieved when the nature of the disorder is explained to them. First-line treatment is talk therapy and medications are often avoided. A special type of cognitive therapy (called DBT) helps the patient understand their symptoms and manage their stormy emotional life. Check out the Dialectical Therapy Workbook in the "Psychotherapy" section.

P:  Paranoid Ideas (transient, stress related) or Dissociative Symptoms

R: Relationships - very unstable & intense

A: Anger - inappropriate, intense, difficulty to control

     Abandonment - feelings of real or imagined abandonment

     Affective Instability - marked mood swings (usually lasting a few hours)

I:  Impulsivity - in areas that are self-damaging (sex, substance abuse, spending)

     Identity Disturbance - very unstable self-image or sense of self

S:  Suicidal Behavior -  (self-mutilating behavior or threats)

E:  Emptiness feelings

Borderline Personality Disorder